Q Are you for real?
Very much so. We realize that dance competitions can be a lot of fun,
but have always felt that they could somehow be a much more fulfilling
experience. We want to teach our children and yours to look beyond the
trophy, and that doing one’s best at something you love is the true
measure of a champion. We also wanted them to realize that whatever
gifts or talents you are blessed with do not reach their true potential
until they are used to help others. So we decided to put those ideas
together and create a competition where all entrants dance for a
charity. (Ok, so this idea “came to us” while watching a bunch of
celebrities playing for charity on “Celebrity Poker.”) If we can funnel $150,000 a year or better of dance competition entry fees to organizations that will put it to good use, we will really be making a difference, while teaching our children life lessons that are far more important than a perfect pirouette, a sensational saut de basque, or a tip top time step.(The preceding sentence courtesy of “Corny Writing 101”, Tuesdays & Thursdays,
1-3pm, Professor Heddlebacker) We’ve assembled an UNBELIEVABLE group
of associates who believe as we do in harnessing The Power of Dance. So
yes, Virginia, The Power of Dance is very much for real.

Q Is this strictly a charitable event, or will there be cash prizes for
the dancers?

In addition to the donations made to the various charities involved, we
will be awarding cash prizes to top scoring soloists, duos, trios, small
groups, large groups and productions in various age categories. Please
see our rules for further details. We’re exactly like a “normal”
competition, except we hope to divert a whole bunch of money each year
to places where that money can do some good.

Q So your competition really is different?
Absolutely not. Every competition out there claims to be
“different,” so if we were different we would really be the same. So
I guess we consider ourselves “the competition that is the same,”
which of course makes us different. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Q You’re not very smart.
No. No I’m not.

Q Are your judges all going to be Broadway performers, who might not necessarily know what skills a nine year old should have mastered?
Hey, watch it! You often hear that “celebrities” coming in to
competitions don’t make good judges. But we’ve gathered a select
group that seriously know their stuff, and have impeccable training and
credentials. They’ve made it to the top of their profession, and their
comments will be invaluable to your students. That said, there will
probably only be one Broadway Veteran judging at each event. The other
two judges are drawn from an equally qualified pool of experienced
dance teachers and judges.

Q Will they be teaching Master Classes?
With the amazing staff/faculty we have, we do hope to incorporate Master
Classes into our program if time allows.

Q Why do fools fall in love?
I wish I knew. (Note from Kevin’s wife -- You just have to
read this once. THIS IS WHAT I LIVE WITH.) (Note to self from Kevin -
figure out how to make a password so wife can’t come in here and
add stuff.)

Q Is the competition adjudicated?
Yes, the Power of Dance will announce a "medal standing" for each dance based on an adjudicated point system. Our original intent was to NOT be adjudicated, but we learned quickly that that is not what the dance world is looking for.

Q Is The Power of Dance a non-profit organization?
No, but we may go that route in the future. Right now we just do not
need that kind of paperwork in our lives! We do have an Advisory Board
of professionals from the non-profit arena to help guide us. Check our
Who’s Who page to view their credentials.

Q Anything else I need to know?
Well, as you can probably tell, we take ourselves very seriously and do
not like to have any fun. I, personally, have the strength of ten men
but the stamina of a two-year old, and I utilize only chocolate-scented
ink. I wrote the songs that make the whole world sing, and I am woman,
hear me roar. (Well, I am not really woman, but I hereby reserve the
right to roar none the less.) I glow in the dark, but not brightly
enough to read by. Newton’s laws of motion do NOT apply to me.

Q Okaaaaay. I’m going to go now.
That would probably be best.