St. Louis, MO 2014 Nationals Results

Center Stage Dance Company, Dance Creations Dance Studio, Dance Progressions, Fusion Dance Center, River City Dance Connection, Starlight Dance Studio, Stephanie's School of Dance, Super Stars Dance Studio and Vandalia Performing Arts Center...

...came together to compete for charities that are important to them, and raised a total of $1,730!

Beneficiaries this weekend include The American Cancer Society, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, H.I.S Kids, Leaps of Love, Neurofibromatosis Center, Oxford/Addison Youth Assistance, St. Jude Children's Research Foundation, and The United Breast Cancer Foundation.

Super Petite Miss POD: Makenzie Emerick, Vandalia Performing Arts Center
Petite Miss Power of Dance: Joslyn Dixon, River City Dance Connection
Tween Miss Power of Dance: Katie Koczak, Center Stage Dance Company
Tween Mr. Power of Dance: Tristan Hanson, Stephanie's School of Dance

Teen Miss Power of Dance: Jolie Welch, Dance Progressions
Teen Mr. Power of Dance: Jeremy Hanson, Stephanie's School of Dance
Senior Miss Power of Dance: Jessica Rudolph, River City Dance Connection

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