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So far, the studios that have entered The Power of Dance have raised an amazing $235,489 for their charities. We shall now pause while you give yourselves a hand.
pause. pause. pause. pause. pause.

Ok. That said, we'd like to remind everyone that the main goal of The Power of Dance is NOT to raise money for charities. We get so excited sending out the donations and reporting the results that even we loose sight of that sometimes. Our MAIN goal is to encourage our dancers to see the true worth of their gifts, to look at their talents and blessings a little differently, with new appreciation and awe. The donations are a way to make that real for them, to give them something solid that they can see and experience as they come to realize what we can all accomplish when we work together as artists and people. Based on the items below and others like them, we humbly feel we have begun to meet that goal.

One studio dancing with The Power of Dance represented Margot's Angels Fund, which was
founded by a family that lost their daughter, Margot, at the age of 3. Below is a poem Margot's
mom sent us after the competition. We were honored to help them, and touched beyond
words at this response.

Here are two other "testimonials" for The Power of Dance that we've received recently fom studio owners who joined us for the first time this year.

I have to tell you, I made a great decision in choosing your event. I know I chose it for my own "grown-up" reasons, but when I really broke it down and explained your event to my dancers the other night and told them that their dancing would help others and other children, OMG, they stood a little taller, danced a world better than they were, and smiled so big. I had the BEST proud mama moment ever!!! They were SUPER excited to be attending The Power of Dance because it goes far beyond the stage, so thank you for that!!!
Missy, St. Louis

Hi Kevin,
I want to thank you for the opportunity of GIVING! Our dancers loved performing "not for applause but for a cause" this past weekend. They were shocked and honored with the gift for us to pass on to our charity. it was a pleasure to be a part of an event that would allow us to give back. We have had many wonderful comments from parents on how much it meant to the kids to perform in a relaxed atmosphere where no matter what...someone in need would benefit. The opportunity made it more fun and actually made the dancers work harder.
Not only did we see them working hard on stage but we saw them being generous and helpful to others and even more supportive of each other. It was a beautiful day for us. We were all truly inspired!
Thank you very much,
Dori, Walled Lake, MI

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