Detroit, MI 2014 Results

Amber's Dance Academy, Center Stage Dance Company, Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center, Gayle's DancePhase, Graceful Moves Dance, Knapp School of Dance, Linda's DanceWorks, Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center, Manda's Rhythym & Dance and On Pointe School fo Dance...

...came together to compete for charities that are important to them, and raised a total of $3,870!

Beneficiaries include The Drew Crew, Evo and Eli's Love Box, The Gleaners Community Food Bank, Hospitality House, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Katie Steele Fund, Linked Hearts, The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Oxford/Addison Youth Assistance, The Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Super Petite Miss POD: Armyiah Willson, Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center
Petite Miss Power of Dance: Ava Quasarano, Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center
Junior Miss Power of Dance: Kennedy Butterfield, Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center
Tween Miss Power of Dance: Isabella Tocco, Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center
Teen Miss Power of Dance: Victoria Poirier, Graceful Moves Dance
Senior Miss Power of Dance: Courtney Kincaid, Graceful Moves Dance

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