Bayport, NY (March) 2014 Results

Create Dance Center, Dance Innovations, Destination Dance Studio, DSD Dance Center, La Prima Dance Academy, LoPresti Dance Theatre, M&T Dance Unlimited, MOBA Dance Academy, Norma's School of Dance, Releve' Dance Centre, and World Class Performance Center...

...came together to compete for charities that are important to them, and raised a total of $5,060!

Beneficiaries include Alzheimer's Foundation of America, The Burkhardt Family Trust, A Child Is Adopted, Dominick Morelli Foundation, Fight Hard Smile Big...The Nicholas Pedone Foundation, The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, ROHHAD Syndrome, Special Olympics and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

Petite Miss Power of Dance: Eva Giacalone, MOBA Dance Academy
Junior Miss Power of Dance: Skyla Alexia Jones, MOBA Dance Academy
Junior Mr. Power of Dance: Charlie Wolen, World Class Performance Center
Tween Miss Power of Dance: Sabrina Tartakoff, MOBA Dance Academy
Tween Mr. Power of Dance: Sebastian Kaczor, MOBA Dance Academy
Teen Miss Power of Dance: Lauren Sieloff, World Class Performance Center
Senior Miss Power of Dance: Stephanie Mincone, World Class Performance Center
Senior Mr. Power of Dance:
Alex Sheedy, World Class Performance Center

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